Brand New Music – Check out some hot releases for February 9th

We no longer run #NewMusicFriday here, but that doesn’t stop us from bringing you the hottest new music we get. Some of these tracks are going to absolutely MELT you, even though it’s winter. I hope all you Casey Kasem fans appreciate my white-hot hype right now.

Georgia Blackwell – “Strangers”
-If soulful vocals are your interest, you need to stop and listen to this song. Georgia Blackwell might have the best phrasing and delivery we’ve heard yet this year. This song goes to a deep and abiding place… you know, true soul. This is surely inspired by an incredible heartbreak and girl we hear you.

Little Brother Eli – “Tooth”
-The layers complicate this fascinating track from Little Brother Eli. The eclectic style has the impact of the Red Hot Chili Peppers with a fresh, new funk to it. The lyrics curl around a punctuated percussion style that makes the song easy to get lost in. This is a powerful rock song that deserves your attention.

Upsahl – “Kiss Me Now”
-My comment on Soundcloud was that this song gets me so hype and that I dance every time. That’s not hyperbole. I literally dance every time. I would classify this as indie pop, but really it’s just a good time for your ears. It’s flirty and fun and makes me feel young again. I can’t think of any of the bands that made music like this when I was back in high school, but it makes me feel like I should be standing up against a wall trying to get up the courage to dance with a pretty girl.

Hanging Valleys – “Fortaleza”
-Calm your spirit with this glorious track. Whether it’s the unbelievably beautiful opening acoustic work or the breathtaking layered vocals, the whole sound is stunning. If it’s any indication how I feel about this track, I’m putting it on my song of the year list right now. This is maximum relaxation right here.

LLC – “Resistance”
-People who read our site probably are not surprised that we support the message of this song. We are lovers of peace, unapologetically so. That said, this is really good pop rock music. The atmospheric elements work really well with a lead vocal that feels familiar and relatable. It’s about togetherness in the face of oppression; it’s an anthem for our time.

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