Keeping Country Alive – Five New Tracks

If country music is your thing, check out these tracks. Some of them might be considered Americana, but no matter what you call them they are all pretty darn good.

Mustang – “Walk Away”
-Sometimes I imagine what it might sound like if Ryan Adams veered from rock into pop country and this track pretty much does that. Mustang has a really cool vibe to the song. It’s right on that line between rock and country. The phrasing on the melody is really strong, making for an enjoyable tune that I can picture enjoying for many years to come.

Jacob Thomas Jr. – “Man in Need”
-This is a remarkable little song by Jacob Thomas Jr. who we have covered before. The lyrics are pretty direct and let’s just say some people will find some very clear uses for the… uh… beat of this track. That said, there’s a sultriness to it that make it fun to listen to at any time. It’s pretty raw and fascinating in terms of contemplating lust versus love, the carnal versus the spiritual.

Of Sea and Stone – “Water Under the Bridge”
-The easy comparison here is the Civil Wars. Of Sea and Stone are one of the bands following in the legacy that the Civil Wars forged of haunting, intimate lyrics and harmonies. The sound definitely mirrors that iconic group. What we like most about this duo is the fact that they can fill the space of the track with a tight and evocative harmony that ultimately is all their own. They have this folk-country male-female duo thing down pretty good!

Sir Canyon – “Golden Days”
-This rippin’ pop country tune is absolutely radio ready. I would love to hear what others think of this track because I find it really pleasing to the ear. It has all of these fascinating elements from a solid lead vocal and melody to some unique sounds in the backing track. Sure it’s not conventional country, but it’s got this experimental element while preserving just the right kind of “wide open space” of the West that works really well. This is just a quality track.

The Morning Yells – “Take Me Somewhere”
-Okay some of you will argue this is not country. I mean the guy sounds like Tom Petty, right? Shouldn’t this be Americana or even rock? Yes, probably. But you know what, we like it and think it fits with the mood of country music so goshdarnit here it is on this playlist. The lyrics are about escaping to a new place just to get away. It’s a timeless lyrical theme that fits nicely with the chill, relaxed country-rock sound.

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