Portland’s Mimicking Birds Craft Authentic Atmospheric Rock on “Layers of Us”

In their latest full length release, Mimicking Birds dives deeper into the atmospheric, passively complex composition of previous albums while adding thematic structure that is otherwise absent in their first two official releases. In the four years since Eons, Nate Lacy quit his hotel job and shifted his focus entirely to music, giving him the proper time to dedicate enough energy to a project he knows he can be proud of. It seems that he also gained a greater sense of political awareness, which seeps into his lyrical style, especially in relation to environmental issues.

There is nothing rushed about Layers of Us; each track unfolds and presents itself coherently and in due time. This is a compositional feat in itself, as the entire album is overflowing with complex melodies, countermelodies, and tempo changes that beg to be set free. “The Great Wave” showcases Lacy’s masterful ability to create subtle bits of suspension that lead to unexpected, yet entirely satisfying resolutions. The track fits perfectly in the center of the record, asserting the ambient, ocean-esque sensation that flows consistently song by song.

The record’s key lyrical themes focus on connectivity and natural harmony, which are complemented by consonant, piano-driven instrumentation. No single piece stands out from the others, including Lacy’s vocals, which fade in with the band to create a sound that has one trajectory. Not only does this create a pleasantly and warm musical flavor, it also fits in line with the message Lacy is trying to deliver.

Layers of Us is an ode to worldly and celestial beauty, and a reminder that the beauty we admire so much is fleeting. It’s not so much a call to action as it is a call to change our mentality. It’s a warning against taking it all for granted. “Scene of the plume that eats more than the sky/As the riddling tide/Emanates your room, now that consumes your inferior life/Staring into eagles eyes/With a soul that steals/It’s only an evil lie/That’s proven real” Layers of Us is acting as an urgent missive from Nate Lacy, telling us to care about what we have, and to notice the beauty in what we might overlook. Moreso, he is showing us we are all connected to, and part of what we find beautiful in the world, so we owe it to ourselves to take care it.

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