Indie Bands that Your Girlfriend Will Like

Those who don’t know anything about this direction of music probably think that it is somehow related toIndia. But this is absolutely not so! Indie music has always been (and remains till now) popular throughout the world because many feel the indescribable drive and a burst of energy when listening to songs of this genre. This is one of the genres of alternative music. Its name comes from the English word “independent.” Indie music is non-commercial music which is primarily interesting to the musicians themselves. So, can you imagine how much energy musicians put in it? We have the list of bands that your girlfriend should listen to. By the way, if you still don’t have a soulmate, but you want to find a girl for marriage who can share your love to Indie music, then you should try online dating. It is possible that you find the best girl ever.

·         Smiths

Spend some time listening to the founding fathers of this genre. Many are sure that indie pop wouldn’t exist in the usual sense if there weren’t Smiths. The band broke up in 86, but their music is still loved. Its lead singers continue to work in the genre but separately; however, Morrissey’s songs are selling better. Probably this is because the voice has become manlier and poetry is more powerful.

·         Gotye

In 2011, Wouter de Becker wrote the song that sounded from each window for a whole year. Even despite the fact that everyone was terribly tired of it, the song couldn’t lose its popularity. It’s about “Somebody That I Used to Know.” Perhaps this is the last hit at the moment which would appeal to people professing different musical preferences, from the rockers to the rappers.

·         Arctic Monkeys

This is one of those bands that showed how to make indie rock commercially successful without contracting well-known labels and preserving the traditions of the original indie when the musicians sang at lousy clubs and made music for their own pleasure. In addition, Arctic Monkeys were one of the first bands that got great popularity without traditional media support. Their music is spread via the Internet, so you can listen to any song.

·         The Killers

This Indie band was formed in 2002, in Las Vegas by four members. The first single “Somebody Told Me” went unnoticed at first, but then the NME magazine showered the Killers with praise for their performances in England. The second single “Mr. Brightside” has hit the British top 10, and the re-release of “Somebody Told Me” turned into a full-fledged European hit.

·         Yeah Yeah Yeahs

This band is from one of the most popular American cities – New York. Their music can be described as a mix of retro styles with hard rock/punk guitars, synthetic sounds, screams, eccentric and blues vocals. The band released their first full-length album Fever to Tell which received some strong critics’ reviews and was sold in almost 800,000 copies worldwide. The third song of the album “Maps” was often rotated on alternative radio stations. You can listen to it together with your girl.

·         Modest Mouse

This American indie band is not so popular compared to other bands from our list. For the time far from the cloudless path, overcome by the band from the mid-90s, Modest Mouse managed to noticeably grow, become stronger, and acquire an indiscreet army of admirers. Their album We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank was launched in the American pop charts immediately as the number one hit, leading the US Internet rating and the Canadian charts. And thesingle “Dashboard” had been in the American singles chart for a quite long time.

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