A kickin’ three-track playlist to get your week going

Let’s jump right in with an intense track from Jordan Miller’s Americana outfit. This track, “Head Honcho” sounds like it could play on rotation at your local alt country station. There’s just enough twang to feel genuine, just enough shit kickin’ to be let you know it’s the real deal. Bang your head or dance in your boots, this is one that’s sure to make a lot of people happy.

The next track has a long name with some short punk chords, Down & Out (Feat. Nick Thompson – Hit The Lights) – “Horizon.” Complete with an inflection that sounds like it’s right off the skate park, this song is 100% pop punk and we dig it. IF this doesn’t get you moving on a Monday morning, nothing will. I love that syncopated rhythm that just invites tons of those short little jumps you do at punk shows that make your calves burn like hell. Yeah, those ones. They hurt so good! Now keep jumping.

As we said, the theme of this list is a kickin’ playlist, so appropriately the kickdrum on Karen Lee Andrews “Higher” takes front and center. The rock-blues style is infectiously enjoyable. It’s a song about seeking “love” or… well… you know… something kind of like love. Anyways, we can feel a sheer energy in the recording that allows the keys, guitars, and vocals to work really well together. This one will get you motivated as well, even if your desire to go “higher” is just out of bed.

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