Calming Neoclassical Music for your weekend

Sometimes it can be hard to write an intro to a neoclassical article without sounding trite. “Calming” and “peaceful” just feel so repetitive… but honestly that’s what these tracks are. We’re so privileged to feature them here on our site. Do enjoy and please share with like-minded music fans.

Thomas Carleberg and Emil Nilsson – “Future Unfolding”
-It’s probably cliche to call music like this “cinematic” but I really think it’s the best way to describe the sound. The building orchestral layers move me to emotion and I’m not even sure the scene. There’s a gentle power in the way the sound envelops the ear in wave after wave. I can’t help but imagine this playing during a video game or a film score. I genuinely love this kind of music and just frankly find it inspiring. I wish I had something more technical to say about what I hear… but it’s just delightful.

Klangriket and Sjors Mans – “Hamerstraat”
-Hush… listen. Do you hear the rise of the piano keys after they strike the string? Can you hear the subtle squeaks of the floor? Can you hear that this music is alive? It’s so subtle and sweet that you experience it with so much more than just your ears. It’s a full body, emotional engagement. Now… get lost in this intricate adventure. This is so much more than a song and I love every second of it. When the violins enter – oh glory divine.

Night Letters – “NE 68746”
-Often when artists send us tracks that begin with atmospheric or ambient noises like rain, we decline them. But this gentle neoclassical piece does it with grace and precision. You can feel the sensation of the rain as you listen to the song, making for a totalizing and engaging experience. As the layers of sound build in this track it grows from something simple and “background” to a piece of music to be taken seriously. It becomes vibrant in the best way possible.

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