Featuring Northeast Ohio’s Own Tom Evanchuck – Lead single “Just Got Back”

Whether he knows it or not, Tom Evanchuck is one of the reasons we started this site. Several years ago my wife and I were waiting for a show to start at Musica when a busker in the wine bar started playing some really amazing acoustic guitar music. With a clean shaven look and a wry smile, the troubadour looked like he stole the guitar and was playing blues that belied his age. I had to know his story. I tossed some green in the case, he proclaimed, “hey thanks a lot, man… take two” and I took off with his albums.

I shared one of those albums with an old professor of mine who also really liked the folksy blues of Tom Evanchuck. I swore I would hear him play more often and haven’t yet, but I still plan on it. He lives not far from where we base ETTG, so we’re going to track him down and listen to his soulful crooning yet again.

This track “Just Got Back” shows the lighter side of Evanchuck’s writing, perhaps revealing a new phase of his personal and songwriting lives. There’s a glimpse of hope in his lyrics and the lighthearted rhythm invites swaying with the one you love, rather than some of his earlier brooding blues. It’s a welcome change and we can’t wait to hear the rest of the album when it releases… TODAY!

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