Five Brand New Americana and Folk Tunes Just for You (and your four thousand closest friends)

You might say that Americana and folk music is in our DNA here at ETTG. We founded the site with a focus on that music and it has only grown and evolved since then. As we continue to take on ever more progressive styles (funky jazz whaaaat?), we will always come back to these folks who are holding down some elements of the traditional.

JJ Woolbright and the Whiskey Road – “The Georgia Train”
-Sometimes you hear a name like whiskey road and think it’s just a stage thing, but the vocal on JJ Woolbright makes me think he’s had some whiskey to drink over the year. Gruff and full of attitude, it’s a really fascinating sound. The blues rock outfit can definitely bring the heat with their performance. While this might not be what many think of as “traditional,” they have the ability to carry on some pretty great classic blues work… with some killer blues licks to boot.

Chloe and the Steel Strings – “Something Real”
-If you’re looking for something a little sweeter, Chloe and the Steel Strings have that for you. I’ll tell you right now the subtle classic piano work on this track will win your heart. Of course the lead vocal is beautiful, but the balance of that with the piano works really well. The lyrics are charming, too. In a world of so many fake people, it is all we really want to find someone who we can be “real” with.

Theo Williams – “Friendzoned”
-This track is catchy as hell, putting a smile on my face with every listen. Something in his pitch mentioned that the song is taking off in his local market and I can hear why. It’s a really charming overall style. And who can’t relate to this feeling? Oh my GOSH. But yeah, anyways, I like the song and it’s deceptively enjoyable. I feel like everyone wants this song on rotation.

Ben Smith and Jimmy Brewer – “Isabella”
-This is a wonderful duet between two clearly talented artists. They’re a bit like the Milk Carton Kids with a bit more down home (in a good way). The sound feels comfortable and gently pleasing to the ear. They give me a sort of John Denver vibe and I’m 100% okay with that.

John John Brown – “Dollar General Blues”
-If finger picking and poetic lyrics are you bag (which it should be), then John John Brown has written an incredible song for you. It’s really fascinating even in its imperfections. The lyrics bounce around some topics that hit pretty close to home for us. But what really makes the track work is the Woody Guthrie style ethos addressing the uncertain realities of life in trying economic times. It might not be about hitching trains, but it covers that basic idea quite wonderfully. I can’t wait to hear more from him.

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