Two Melodic Neoclassical Tracks

Some of you love the neoclassical stuff we cover here, others of you seem to avoid it. And hey we’re okay with that because we all have our own “thing.” That said, if you’re looking for something to add to a relaxing playlist, these two artists offer an amazing start.

Koronis – “Winter”
-This beautiful piano piece feels like you’re looking out watching a soft snow fall. It’s peaceful, yet doesn’t totally put you to sleep. There are elements of a moving melody, then there are subtle rests that allow your mind to meditate in the white space. It’s calming and prodding all at once. This is the kind of neoclassical music that brings me life.

Danielpix – “Fade in Silence”
-I appreciate the ironic title of having “silence” in a piece of music. This piano-based neo-classical piece is fascinating and quite fluid in its movement. Not being a piano player I can’t imagine what this feels like to play, but the movement is mesmerizing to hear. It rolls and rises, with a melody that is sublime and inspiring.

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