New Music Friday – Episode 77 – Vote in the poll to decide who wins an artist feature!

Here we go again with another round up of incredible music. Vote in the poll below to decide who wins a feature. The voting ends in one week, so feel free to share and get others voting as well.

Nonsens – “Wildfire”
-If electro pop is your thing, you’ll love this rising Danish artist Nonsens. The energy is palpable from the bass all the way through the high range. The vocal snaps really well, creating a sense of building energy. You almost can’t stand it until the drop hits and you just go CRAZY. I swear I’ve heard this on some YouTube videos. It’s got that familiarity, but with a really nice heavy drop that will get you dancing.

Benji Lewis – “Never Mine”
-Whether you call it downtempo or alt pop, it’s definitely a unique overall sound. Chill out. Just chill out with this and feel some amazing warm vibes with this. The vocals are understated and feel increasingly intimate through the song. What I love, especially, is that both voices (and the harmonies) are authentic. When the bass hits… mmhmm. This is a sweet one.

Born Ruffians – “Forget Me”
-Coming back to more of a folk sound, Born Ruffians is a welcome style to our audio palette here at ETTG. The vocal phrasing reminds me a bit of some older Brit rock styles, but honestly the whole song is about passion. It’s about pain and rejection. Anyone who has ever felt the pain of someone leaving will connect with this. The vintage 60s pop style just punctuates the raw and accessible emotional core.

BirdyHop – “Hoping for a Miracle”
-Do you dig saucy guitar lyrics and an alt rock syntax that pulls you out of your comfort zone? That’s BirdyHop, a really cool vibe of a track. It is simultaneously optimistic, while being grounded in this sort of brooding sullen rock feel. The combination is reflected with the saucy, almost bluesy lyrics contraposed with an optimistic staccato phrasing style. It’s artsy in the best way possible.

Toledo – “Hesperus”
-Contemplative singer songwriters are kind of our bag around here, so you won’t be surprised to hear the lush fingerpicking of Toledo’s music. But the balance of the acoustic guitar and the piano, along with some other atmospheric fillers, allow for a cinematic folk feel that is quite enjoyable. The lyrics are a bit too abstract for us to follow, but the vibe is comfortable and interesting. We want to hear more.

Ryan Berg – “Pain”
-“Thinking about my future and all there is is pain…” Before I could even write about this track, I had to share it with some personal friends. It’s just so damn heartbreaking you can’t keep it to yourself. The vocal is raw and real. The lyrics, though, will rip a hole in your heart. If you don’t feel something with this song… like a whole lot of pain from your own life… then I just don’t know. This is an incredible singer songwriter piece that is both blues, folk, and the epitome of the pain that human life is all about.

Edwin – “I’ve Only Gone”
-If George Harrison was your favorite Beatle, prepare to fall in love all over again. Edwin’s songwriting is really enjoyable and well done. There’s a punctuated Americana syntax to the writing ala Tom Petty. It’s a great song with some brilliant storytelling elements and a nice overall flow. It’s a song that I’ll be adding to my personal playlist for a long time.

Alan Barnosky – “Old Freight”
-A fella that sings like this with this kind of work on the lyrics must be channeling Woody Guthrie. I love this song and the spirit that it conveys. The pickin’ is real nice, but the vocal steals it for me. You just believe every line he sings. It’s authentic and reminds me a bit of Mandolin Orange, one of our favorites. We’ll be watching his career closely for sure!

Albin Eidhagen – “What if this romance made me love”
-Here’s another song for your collection of Swedish psychedelic rock. What? You don’t have a collection of Swedish psychedelic rock? WELL START ONE. This is a really great song. It feels like a sort of mix of Pink Floyd psych elements with some good old fashioned southern rock style from the Allman Brothers. It’s such a raw fusion that it really pops on this track. Give it a spin!

Anywayz – “Kill Me”
-We don’t always feature music with distortion and raw rock elements, but when the licks are this clean we have to give it a shot. I can totally get into this syncopation and swagger of this track. This French rock band can really put a ton of style into a good hook-filled rock track. The existential lyrics are satisfying as well and… frankly… quite impressive.

Midnight Pilot – “Harder to Find”
-Check out the effect on this natural born rock vocal. It just sounds like the coolest little hideway venue with a really good drink special. Before you know it you’re shit faced, eyeing up someone that you wouldn’t have danced with for money an hour before. “Everybody’s looking for somebody to blame.” Oh yeah. This is an exceptional rock track. If you’ve ever been down I-95 through the American Southeast, as the track aludes, you’ll get every damn note of this track.

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