Three new indie artists to tickle your eardrums

Tickle your eardrums? Who says that? We do!

Anyways, check out these three indie artists that would lump together as rock or even pop rock, but they are just plain good. If you like one (or all!?) of these artists, do them a solid and follow their music. I bet they’ll write more music you like!

The Zenons – “Patroniser”
-This uptempo indie rock jam is really pleasing to the ears. I especially enjoy the way the guitar chords ring out in the opening. The vocal is a bit unconventional for us, but it still feels like a raw and legit rock style. When the harmonies take off, the whole thing has a very cool Arctic Monkeys vibe to me.

Dreamt – “Storm/Take hold”
-We legitimately had a huge storm here in northeast Ohio last night, so when I sat down to write this today I had to pick this song. It also happens to be an exceptionally good indie pop song, too. But frankly, sometimes there just aren’t technical analytical words for why a song speaks to you; it just dust. “We’ve been through the storm… we’ve been through much worse” is so good for anyone who has ever been in a relationship for a while. This is a really, really good song.

Gabe Lopez – “Lasso”
-This intriguing track has several layers of pop goodness to it. The distortion on the lead guitar gives the song a kind grungy rock vibe, but the pop vocal is really clear. The two sounds connecting together with some interesting lyrics about a restrictive relationship (friendship?) it is emotional rock music. It’s a song that could find a place on a lot of different playlists. It might have a darker meaning, but we wouldn’t know about anything like that.

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