New Music Friday – Episode 72 – Vote in the poll to decide who wins an artist feature!

Hopefully you had a chance to check out our 24 posts in 24 hours this week. It was a ton of fun to put together and 48 artists found themselves featured on our site. How cool is that? So of these 10 artists, who is deserving a full artist feature? Listen to the list and vote at the bottom. Love and hugs, friends! 🙂

The Racer – “Spiral Staircase”
-The Racer has a contemplative songwriting style that you are going to love. It begins with soft, endearing piano and builds into a subtle vocal. The pace of the piano increases just a bit, feeling like you are climbing the staircase. The lyrics match the mood of the song and the building sense is really intriguing. This is as much a modern classical piece as it is some sort of rock music. Either way, it’s an experience.

Ernest K – “Bad Boy”
-Stylistically this track is a bit different than what we tend to cover on ETTG, but the pop style is just dripping with joy. There are some explicit lyrics on the track, but it really puts me in mind of like Everlast from back in the early 2000s. The chorus is so singable and enjoyable, we’re definitely wondering if this one is going to bump over into the hot 100 some day. It certainly would be right at home there.

Adam Farone – “So Free”
-This is the funkiest song you’ll hear all day, guaranteed. The funky beat here is absolutely infectious. We almost couldn’t believe that it was a new song. It sounds like something from George Clinton and we mean that in the best way possible. The vocal is a bit muted at points, but the you won’t even hear it because you’ll be “moving your body to the sound.” Boom, baby!

Dustin Price – “Tomorrow”
-This is a fascinating song that’s drawing comparisons with Ryan Adams and even Bon Iver. Although I do hear those elements, I think it deserves to stand on its own merit. The deceptive recording style makes it feel smaller or lo-fi, but it really packs a powerful harmonic punch. The lyrics are probably my favorite part, despite the incredible harmonies, just because the poetic styling really comes through. This is one I’ll be putting on personal rotation. I’m still not sure I fully get it, and that’s precisely what I love about listening over and over.

Dawson Hollow – “Lonesome Wolf”
-If you dig the sort of high impact hand-clapping folk music that defines the folk revival, you’ll dig this track. And what makes this song better than the average modern folk song is that it taps into a finer human nature point about finding your “inner beast.” I can connect with this song quite profoundly in my life right now. The whole thing, including the more hip hop beat style, works really well for a “dig your heels in and sing” kind of song.

Little Quirks – “Run Away”
-Shush yourself and listen to the banjo here. Once you get into that, you’ll hear an incredible intricate female vocal lead that is a veritable siren song. When the vocal harmonies join her and the bass fills in the bottom, you’ll find yourself really sucked into the song. You’ll want to run away to wherever these fine ladies are making this incredibly artful music.

JR JR – “Control (Secretly Sorry)”
-This song has a little bit of everything and it’s positively addictive. The vocal is collective and really intriguing, but it all is layered over top of this almost disco hard driving beat. It’s a danceable groove that will have you singing out the guitar solo (or are those keys? I legit can’t tell). The spoken word verse is truly unique, making for a poetic feel that pulls you into someone else’s Beatnik story. What a track!

Holy Bouncer – “Mightly Mad”
-The cool guitar work on this track is absolutely enough to win it a spot on this contest. When you focus in on the melody here, you’ll feel some sort of vintage vibe that’s not easy to pin down but is really enjoyable. Do you feel that early 70s style coming through? It sounds like a deep cut from a famous old band, but we’re pretty sure this is new music made recently in Spain. How cool is that? Welcome to ETTG, Holy Bouncer.

Sleeping Lion – “Stop It (Stripped)”
-When I click play on Sleeping Lion, I can’t help but feel something emotional in the track. Whether it’s the opening voices or the dynamics of the melody, I find it really easy to connect with the song. The unconventional string work and the engaging relationship-based lyrics are really fascinating. If you’re a fan of blending genres and artful presentation, Sleeping Lion is a must listen.

Pace – “The Sea”
-Face it you’re on this site because you love singer songwriters, so here’s one we think you’ll love. This artist, Pace, has written a delightful and enjoyable song that has both whimsy and a message. We find ourselves sort of hippie swaying as we take in the melody of the song. Everything is solid from the guitar to the writing to the lead vocal. It’s literally the most likeable song we’ve heard in about a month.

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