Two unique sounds that make up rock music

Rock is such a fun genre because there are so many different sounds that fall into the genre. We like rock that makes us sing and rock that makes us dance. No matter what makes good rock music to you, we invite you to check out these two rising rock acts.

Ten Minute Detour – “Betty”
-This is one of those songs that is presumably about a woman, but also might be about a substance. Just sayin’. But we’ll take it at face value and say we like the uptempo style and feel good chord structure. It just feels like what we want indie rock to be, almost perfectly so.

Marah and the Mainsail – “Everybody Knows”
-Horns in a rock song? Absolutely! Some might consider this more of an Americana track, but we’re digging the alt rock vibe on this one. The hard hitting beat really pulls us into the sass and attitude of the track. The overall feel is one that gets us pumped up. It’s about talking trash, basically, but it just feels raw and satisfying.

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