Two sweet singer songwriters to finish the marathon

If you aren’t a subcriber, maybe you didn’t know it but this is the final post in a 24-post blogging marathon over the past 24 hours. It’s been quite an adventure covering so much diverse and exciting music! Thanks for joining in for this post. Here are two singer songwriters we think you’ll like.

All the Luck in the World – “Golden October”
-If you’re a fan of thoughtful folk singer songwriters, then this track will really appeal to you. It’s deceptively complex structurally. The lyrics will have you reeling and concentrating as they are quite poetic. The whole imagery and style of the track puts me in mind of someone like Sleeping at Last, which is high praise from us. There’s a real passion to the vocal delivery, especially on the bridge, that makes the song worth revisiting many times.

Vaarwell – “Never Leave, Never Go”
-In terms of comparison, the easy one for me is Jessica Lea Mayfield. Vaarwell’s tone is cool and inviting. You just want to listen to what she has to say. The sentiment of the song, with a focus on not belonging, is something that too many of us can relate to. The song just feels like it’s perfect for a life moment of uncertainty and unsettledness. The electro elements strategically placed in the song take it to a different place altogether… and that altered rootedness is precisely what makes it so good.

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