Two heart-melting singer songwriters

These two singer songwriters have a really unique way about the music they make. One will make you dream of Joni Mitchell, the other will make you think of more recent country artists. In both cases you will melt.

Allegra Krieger – “Circles”
-Contemplative and relaxing, Allegra Krieger’s music is sure to garner comparisons with Joni Mitchell. Her style is not pitch perfect and that’s exactly why we love it. Feeling more like someone playing in the dim lights of the arts district rather than the glamor of the arena rock stage, Krieger comes across as the genuine article. The visceral emotionalism in her music is cathartic and gripping.

Katy Hurt – “Ride Home”
-You won’t believe that this young lady is so underrated. Her music is outstanding and the vocal is on point. She has just enough twang to feel country, but she’s the real deal. You can picture her closing out a honkytonk with this song about the ride home. Her sultriness is just a light seasoning on top of a song about what used to be in a past relationship. I don’t mean to spoil it, but it’s a blues song in sheep’s clothing.

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