Two Fantastic Folk artists on the rise

Whatever strain of folk music you happen to enjoy, we’ve got you covered here at ETTG. With these two emerging artists, we’d like you to sit back, relax, and take in some unconventional sounds and some really ear-popping new twists on a classic genre.

Gestures and Sounds – “The Last Day”
-If you’ve ever listened to (and loved) Dr. Dog, you’ll appreciate Gestures and Sounds. The textures you’ll hear in this track are really unlike anything most of us have ever heard. It’s like someone took typical folk music, threw in a dose of Brian Wilson harmony, and then mixed it all up with some sort of experimental aggregation. The sound on the other side is truly unique and makes you sort of squint and listen closer. “What is this?” you ask, “I think we should play it again.” Do that!

Indigo Dreamers – “Where Have You Been”
-These talented artists call themselves pop, but we’re going to go ahead and include them as folk. I mean, the purity of the vocal and the stunning harmony are fantastic. They remind us a bit of Good Old War, a band that we absolutely love. The intricate harmony over a complicated melody is really satisfying. The lyrics wrap around this cliche line “where have you been all my life?” but it has this hopeful romanticism to it that is perfect for the vocal inflection and overall feeling of the song. It’s a great match.

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