Some high energy rock to fuel your adventures

If you’re looking for some high octane music, we found some for you this week. Check out this pure rock energy that will give you a blast of fresh energy from some timeless rock styles.

Deeper Upper – “Summer We Lost”
-If you’re looking for an MGMT style power rock, you’ll love Deeper Upper. The dynamic rock sound is rich and full coming out of the speakers. If you put on headphones, the drum will absolutely rock your brain. The production quality on this one is outstanding, connecting the retro 80s feel with a modern indie pop vibe. GET SOME!

Wulfman Fury – “Night Sweats”
-A fitting track for a post in the middle of the night, Wulfman Fury’s sound is absolutely infectious. The raw energy here is undeniable. The sound is a bit muffled in the way that good indie rock sometimes just needs to be. But as the energy courses through your ears and into your soul, you’ll find yourself “oohing” and “ahhing” right into the chorus with the band. Go ahead and bang your head, you legend!

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