Shhh – Take a listen to these thoughtful singer songwriters

Just calm down, would you? I know you’re getting a lot of music from the fine folks at ETTG, but let’s just relax for a bit and take in some coffeeshop music. Do you smell that? Oh wait, that’s the coffee. No, do you hear that? Yes, that’s love vibrating in strings just to make your ears happy. Enjoy!

Luke De Sciscio – “Jessica”
-This contemplative acoustic song has more layers than your ear can handle. Trust me, I’ve listened to it several times. There’s the guitar, which is sweet. There’s the piano, which adds complexity. But the vocal… this poetic, half-spoken layer is just so fascinating. He’s pouring out his heart to this person and we’re all just here to take it in. It feels like reading someone’s love letter… and it’s just delightful.

Sophie Morgan – “Annie”
-If you haven’t heard Sophie Morgan yet, you’re welcome for this introduction. Her voice is super! I mean there are probably more musical ways to put it, but the way she can wrap her voice around a melody is just magnetic. We love the easy going style of this track, but even without the rest of the band we surmise that Morgan can fill the room with her voice. There’s a jazzy-meets-indie quality to the way that she sings that is really enjoyable. The chorus – with that “hey Annie” sentiment just begs for us to sing along. Go ahead, sing with Annie… I mean Sophie.

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