Get your blood pumping with these two powerful rock jams!

ARE YOU READY TO ROCK!? I sure hope so, because we have some really exciting rock jams for you this morning. These two tracks show how different modern rock can really be, but both bring a ton of energy that will kick you harder than your first cup of coffee.

Letters to Lions – “Come Around”
-So the base guitar lick to this track (I’m singing it out loud for you right now to demonstrate) is just absolutely sick. It’s got the potential to be iconic if people will get this into radio stations. This song absolutely has big rock hit potential. The lyrics are relatable – more so than a lot of what makes it as pop rock – and the guitar work is outstanding. The vocal begs for the listener to sing along. Seriously this song should be massively popular. Let’s help it get there!

Nala – “How, When, and Where”
-Since you are already well versed in the Swedish rock scene, you already know all about Nala. What? You don’t? Pssssh. Well here you go, this is Nala, the kickass riff-laden rock band from Sweden. The riffs on this one are strong. The song gets me doing that half-eye-closed “I really like this” squint. You’re doing it too. I can see you from here. Get down to this jam and tell all your friends how hip you are to music they’ve never heard of… then share it with them!

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