Get the folk in here and hang out with us

I know… the tired “folk” as f-word joke. But if you haven’t noticed, we’ve been writing a lot in the last 24 hours, so cut us some slack would ya? Anyways, here are two folk songs that we think you’ll really like.

Reddmond and Joey – “Melon”
-The easy comparison for this group is Dr. Dog, the unconventional folk band that most of us know. I might also point people to the Felice Brothers for comparison. In any event, this track has a really interesting resonator on the vocals that make them feel distant. The whole sound, though, is really unique and not something you get to experience in modern folk music all that much. Sometimes it sounds like a mid-60s deep cut from someone like the Beatles. That’s a decent compliment, right?

Ballroom Thieves – “Only Lonely”
-It’s such a thrill for a band that we already love to send us music. I squealed like a Beatle girl when I saw Ballroom Thieves in our submissions. They sing the kind of gang vocal folk music that I love. It’s so easy to sing along with them and I just want to hold hands and jump around the circle with them. Just me? Okay, sorry. But seriously they seem like the coolest hippie people that totally be my friends and sing songs like this one, full of nostalgic imagery and love-filled lyrics.

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