Doing indie pop right

Indie pop is a ton of fun if you find the right set of music makers. Oftentimes indie becomes an aesthetic rather than a sound, but with these two artists you can hear that there’s something legit going on. Go ahead and groove out to these rising new tracks.

Young and Sick – “Ojai”
-“Four more minutes til the sunrise…” gives the implication that perhaps these folks have been up all night. How delightful! No, but seriously there’s a really great groove to this track and some amazing vocals. It’s the kind of song that makes you wonder how you haven’t heard of Young and Sick before. This could be added to the radio rotation at a lot of stations in the country and people would love it. Let’s push it there!

Raf Rundell – “Every Morning”
-You can’t make it ten seconds in this song without dancing. Honestly I love this beat and the overall vibe of it. The production here is excellent. This song feels like it took some of my favorite influences from 60s Motown through 70s pop rock and melded it together for an audio adventure. You’ll hear psych rock elements married to pure funk. This is an outstanding track worth your time.

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