Check out these glorious indie pop tunes!

We’ve sort of backed into a love for indie pop around here. At first we were folk fans and then we lightened up a little, put down our Leonard Cohen collection, and found some new music. What we’re realizing is that there’s a lot more to indie pop than the few artists that go platinum out of the scene each year. Check out some rapidly rising stars here:

Will Whisson – “Nowhere Bound”
-If you like layered guitar sounds for a dynamic opening, click play real quick. Seriously this track is criminally underrated, so we’re hoping you all will love it as much as we do and share it with everyone. Once you hear the song’s melody really kick in, you’ll feel that tingle up your spine that is precisely why we plucked this one out of the stack. It’s a glorious indie pop song and we’re happy to share it with you.

Maple and Rye – “Hymns of Poseidon”
-If you miss Mumford before they plugged in their guitars, you really need to check out Maple and Rye. Everything from the strum pattern to the vocal shoutouts in the middle of the track will put you in that mood. The lead singer’s vocal is even in that glorious indie pop baritone range that makes it super easy to sing along with. This is an outstanding track and we might even consider covering the full album. If you share the post and say “we want a full review of these guys” with an ETTG tag, we’ll put them on our list.

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