Alt rock is alive and well – two rising stars in the genre

Whether you trace alt rock back to grunge, or further into the late 70s and 80s, it’s a genre that created a lot of division. Who should be the pace setters? Who deserves the big contracts despite going against the grain of the “industry?” Well in our true indie world now, where any band can crowd source an album and a tour, it’s even more the wild, wild rock world. Check out two bands making a great way for themselves in this genre.

Halfway Hero – “Take Me Away”
-In typical pop punk fashion, I barely got this track formatted for review and it was winding down. That said, it’s really infectiously fun so I fired it up for another play! It begins with a Green Day style contemplative acoustic part before taking off with some perfectly placed power chords. How many of us can relate to the desire to be taken away? It’s really a universal sentiment that works well as a timeless lyric. The guitars are pretty sweet, too. I’d love to bounce to this one in a crowd of total strangers.

Shaun Doyle – “Fading Out”
-This alt rock vibe has a really unique tone to it. Whether it’s from the lead vocal’s falsetto style or the overall groove, the song feels special. There’s no easy comparison for it and it really seems to carve out its own path. The feeling at the heart of the lyrics of having a partner that shines so bright that they fade you out… wow, that hits hard. It’s a deeper song than it might seem at first blush and it’s really artfully delivered.

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