A fresh take on 90s rock styles

If you came of age in the 90s you long for the music of your youth. But at the same time, you don’t really want to listen to those old CDs again. You want that vibe, but with a new take on it. Here are two bands that will give you those same vibes but you haven’t heard them… until now!

Rocky and the Chapter – “Give”
-In the early 2000s I found myself in a few punk rock venues, hearing bands that sounded a lot like this. Cue the acoustic guitar and some emotional lyrics before… wait for it… POWER CHORDS. It’s a cool sound, though, that might put you in mind of Weezer or Green Day. Nevertheless, this fresh take on that sound from your youth is sure to have you looking for Rocky and the Chapter’s other music. It’s really an intriguing sound.

Fox Grin – “Black Tree”
-For the 90s comp here, I’m thinking of a band like Garbage. Maybe some critics would scoff at that, but it’s where I’m at with this one. The understated opening vocal is really appealing, though, and the glowing guitars bring a fresh new update to some of those older sounds. I find myself smiling on the inside to some of the electric guitar runs. How do they even make it sound so crisp? It’s an altogether cool vibe that’s more uptempo than it seems, keeping your foot tapping as you listen closely for the message.

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