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We continued to be flattered that so many artists desire a feature on our site that they will send their loving fans this way. What an honor and a privilege. If you are one of those fans, we’d be equally honored if you’d trust us with finding you new music. Drop your email in our subscribe widget and/or follow us on your favorite social media. We’re always cranking out new content for your viewing, reading, and listening pleasure.

The Heart Of – “Empire”
-If you grew up listening to William Fitzsimmons and his whispery, sensitive vocals, you will love Heart Of. The sound is captivating and will really draw you into the contemplative lyrics. The way the acoustic guitar works with the soft piano makes for a far more dynamic experience than you might think at first blush. Sink on into this track.

John Edge feat Blackmill – “Emerald City”
-If you like acoustic folk singers (which you should if you’re here), you’ll love John Edge. The earthy sounds here are sure to connect with you in a deep and powerful way. The fingerpicking is excellent and the vocal harmonies help move the piece into a higher plane. It’s exceptional, really.

Benjamin Jaffe – “Blooming”
-This chill vibe acoustic track might put you in the mind of someone like the Fleet Foxes. There’s an artful folk style to it that brings in global influences and some really intriguing avant garde styles. What it lacks in straightforward folk style it makes up for with uniqueness.

JT Roach – “Tipsy Love”
-Some really great songs over the years have been about bad decisions. No one sings songs about safe, comfortable decisions. No, this is a song about taking a bit of a risk drinking too much and connecting with someone. It’s really a cool vibe that could be popular on that pop country and indie singer songwriter line. Put it on your girlfriend’s ipod. I bet she’ll like it.
UPDATE: What year is it? Did I just say ipod? Whatever enjoy the song.

The Magic Lantern – “Holding Hands”
-Jazz can be a tricky genre to grasp, but The Magic Lantern has really crafted a fascinating jazzy, sax-based track that is interesting. Often we tell artists that a track just doesn’t “grab” us and this is a great example of one that does. It stands out no matter what you compare it to, showing off innovative textures. It’s not too busy, but it’s full. It moves, but it’s not hypnotic. This is great music.

Bishop Briggs – “Dream”
-“Indie pop songstress” is the easy phrase for Briggs, a powerhouse indie vocalist. How can you not think of someone like Amy Winehouse or… dare I… even Adele? But Briggs deserves to stand on her own two feet, with a sound that is punctuated with brilliant articulation and real deep-soul singing. No matter where on the scale she finds herself, she belts out strong notes that steal the stage. Briggs is definitely one to watch in the indie pop scene.

Databoy – “Top of My Lungs”
-If we’re going to cover electronic pop music, it has to absolutely blow us away. This song does that! Databoy’s sense of rhythm and harmony are absolutely hypnotic. The overall vibe of the track is a ton of just plain fun. This is a hit just waiting to take off. I mean listen to this and tell me you wouldn’t love to dance with you friends to this jam!? It’s a party in a song. I love it.

Warbly Jets – “Ride”
-No joke these gents remind me of some mid career Beatles stuff. I know that’s a hell of a compliment to throw around, but it’s the truth. The nasty, just absolutely filthy guitar work here has me all googly eyed for these guys. Then… the devil-may-care hazy quality of the vocals just make you want to listen closer. The psych rock lyrics just punctuate a fantastic song that understands the breadth of rock history with addictive nonchalance.

Agata Karczewska – “Envy is my sin”
-You don’t have to be from North Carolina or Texas to make country music. Hell, you don’t even have to be from this country to make country music. This Polish singer understands the spirit of country music more than 90% of the acts in Nashville right now. The dripping, brooding sadness of this song is right out of Hank Sr.’s playbook. The powerful vocal here is to die for and the songwriting is outstanding.

Awaken, I Am – “Red Wine, Regret”
-You may not think of ETTG as your “place” for new metal music. But we found a real pop metal gem here. What, you don’t think there can be pop metal? Well, it’s at least pop heavy rock, okay? The best comparison for me is a band like Breaking Benjamin. The effect on the vocals here really makes it soar over the hard driving rhythm section. We could totally hear this on pop radio as a rewarding and thought-provoking hard rock track.

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