Check out these relaxing and moving electro tracks

Electro music is everywhere these days and it’s not all about bouncing in a club or at a festival. Sometimes you can just vibe out and chill to some really good music. Enjoy these jams are digital ear candy!

STeLOUSE – “Sociopath (feat Bryce Fox)”
-This track has an incredible beat and vocal style. It really sounds like it could be in the middle of the top 40. Honestly with the scathing lyrics and 132k plays on Soundcloud, it might chart anyways. Tell all your friends you heard it here first and get to chillin with this awesome electro track.

Effee – “Lying”
-When you feel the dynamic elements of this track push and pull you around, it really has a spatial character to it. Rarely do you find music with this kind of electro style that creates a feeling of plasticity. Okay none of that probably makes sense, but the point is that the conflict at the heart of the lyrics (a lying lover) makes you angry and tense. Somehow the song conveys that sonically as well as lyrically. What an accomplishment!

Silk Cinema – “Disappear”
-If you like a nice groove, you can’t do much better than this song from Silk Cinema. There’s a sultriness to the tune that will have you grooving in your seat. Try not to dance, I dare you! But seriously it’s a great song about being “together in the night” with someone you love. Like so many great songs in human history, it appears to have been inspired by lost love.

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