New Music Friday – Episode 40 – Vote in the poll to decide who wins an artist feature!

Here we are again with another exciting contest full of some outstanding music. Thank you for reading this each week and for casting your votes. It means a lot to us to have such an excited following of music lovers who look forward to hearing new music each week.

Mason Ashley – “You Should Know”
-This song takes some beautiful, calming synthesizers and lays poetic lyrics over the top. It’s soulful and endearing in the way that you want pop music to be. This doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, but it has an earful of sweetness. Ashley’s vocal is definitely center stage and for good reason because she’s really expressive and gentle in delivering these moving lyrics.

Talena Bricker – “Drowning”
-This subtle and sweet folk song has some haunting unison vocals that will pull you in immediately. It reminds me of what I like about the song structures from Anna and Elizabeth. The piano element, balanced with the vocal layers, creates a mood that I find satisfying. It’s great for background or engaging, although the closer you listen to the lyrics the more unsettled you might feel.

The Get Ahead – “Mind Is a Mountain”
-Whether you call it blues rock, jam rock, or just high quality rock and roll, this is a kickass song. The beat really gets you grooving, the vocal harmonies are perfect, and it embodies that seventies vibe that seems to be missing in music today. The lyrics are interesting, dancing with themes of wisdom and survival.

Joseph and Maia – “Standing by You”
-This is a peaceful song that will calm your spirit right away. The electro background combined with Joseph and Maia’s comforting vocal harmonies are sure to relax you. The lyrics reflect on life on the road and the struggles of an artist. In fact, a lot of the artists who follow our site will resonate with this track.

Marti West – “Under the Weight”
-This engaging folk song has a beautiful sonic structure. The lyrics really “pop” more than others in this often-soft genre. The dynamics feel very real as West keeps the fingerpicking stable and allows his vocal to move considerably. He nails a complicated melody, creating an evocative overall sound that is satisfying for repeated listens.

Janileigh Cohen – “Sister”
-Sometimes you hear a song and just know that you’re hearing the next big thing. That’s Janileigh Cohen’s artistry. She has the intangible “it” factor and you can hear it all through this track. The piano work is great, vocal phrasing is impeccable. If you hear the perfect intonation in the vibrato that makes you feel something from these hopeful words, then you hear it too.

Crooked Cat Adams – “Lone Bulb”
-This is an intriguing genre-blending track. There are elements of classic rock here, but also some art rock as well. The theatrical style can sometimes feel like something from the Who’s rock opera structure. As you get sucked further into the track, your ears pick up more satisfying little nuggets. Hard to categorize, but easy to enjoy.

Kieran O’Brien – “Won’t You”
-The dreamy recording style on Kieran O’Brien’s “Won’t You” feels more like surf rock from California than folk from the UK. That said, the layered vocals and sublime guitar work come together for a gentle and satisfying track. There’s significant passion in the way that the lyrics dance around and through the music. The guitar… well… gently weeps.

Donna Missal – “Transformer”
-This is a powerful vocal over a dynamic pop track. The whole composition comes together for something that will have you ready to fight in the streets. It’s the kind of power pop that absolutely deserves to be on the top 40. If you’re running an indie pop station, you need to spin this track because people will love it. The attitude-laden vocals really take off!

Andrew James – “Memphis”
-We don’t often feature older music, but this is a criminally underappreciated artist in Andrew James. Listen to this. Isn’t it great? Where has this been for the past year? Fans of Ben Rector style pop rock will love this guy. The production is amazing, James is always spot on, and the lyrics are hopeful and satisfying. Seriously what’s not to like?

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