Guest Post: How to Promote Yourself as a Composer

When you first hear the word composer, unless you have the first-hand experience, you might not even realize what the modern iteration of the job really is. Composers are no longer exclusively working with orchestras, although of course, this is one route.

In addition, the modern composer often works from home, creating music using production resource and tools from a DAW to Foley sound effects. Along with the music-making aspect of the work, composers must constantly be marketing themselves and doing outreach.

There are great opportunities to work as a composer, from working on digital marketing campaigns to video games and movies, but you have to know how to stand out and market yourself to connect with those opportunities.

The following are some tips to promote yourself when you’re a composer.

Your Music Is Your Best Marketing Tool

When you’re marketing yourself as a composer or musician of any kind, it’s your music itself that’s going to do most of the talking for you. Potential clients want the best possible music, and if you can frame your marketing around this concept, you’re starting off well. Rather than trying to use words to convince a client, let your music do it for you.

If you don’t feel like you’re at the level that your music can speak for itself, spend the time to get there before you start marketing yourself.

For example, maybe learn more about music theory or production, or whatever it takes to make sure you’re the best. Once you have a portfolio that speaks for you, everything else will fall into place more effectively.

Be Part of Online Communities

It’s important to be active in the circles where potential clients are spending time. Research the best online music communities as they relate to your specific genre, and work on building relationships there. In the beginning, don’t even worry about promoting yourself.

Instead, just work on building a presence and getting to know the people who are there.

Online music communities are very close-knit, and it’s a great way to get involved and get your name out there.

Create Audio Samples Specific To The Client

If you’re looking at a job and it’s one that you’d really like to get, don’t send over your standard portfolio. Create some music that’s specific to the client or what they’re looking for.

You want to show potential clients that you can do what they want, and it can take some extra time, but as a composer, if you can get just a few initial higher profile clients it can go a long way toward helping you build your career.

Before sending any examples of your work do your research. Know what it is they’re looking for, what their overall feel is, and show them that you can deliver it.

Finally, always be working on making yourself better, and keep building up your catalog. This way, as your career does take off, you’ll be ready when opportunities arise. Of course being a professional composer isn’t necessarily easy, but if you can start with effectively marketing yourself, you’re going in the right direction.

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