Three Americana tracks to get you back on track

Whether you’re in the midst of a rough semester of college, or just coping with the coming winter commute, fall can start to weigh on you. The early promise of pumpkin spice dies off quickly when the air chills and life becomes a bit more of a chore. Let these four tracks get you back on track.

Langhorne Slim – “Zombie”
-Probably 95% of you have heard of Langhorne Slim and are insulted that he’s even included on an “emerging artists” website. Shut up about that, ok, and just enjoy the song. This is a great jangly folk track by an underrated American songwriter. The juxtaposition of the sad lyrics with the upbeat gang vocal makes for a really fascinating listening experience.

Debra Fotheringham – “White Bird”
-Fans of traditional country or Americana music will love this track. The lyrics and slow, methodical guitar work really well together. It will remind you of something from early Allison Krauss. The best part of the track is the genuineness of the recording overall. It just feels joyful and comfortable.

Caleb Clardy – “True Original”
-Caleb Clardy is one of the artists that I’m earmarking for the future. You can hear in the songwriting here that this talented songwriter has even more to say. It’s like a compressed spring, just waiting to take off. The lyrical turns, the genuineness in the emotion, and the overall composition feels like a man ripe for an explosion in his career. I could listen to this kind of jam just about all day.

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