Three Neoclassical Tracks to bring you calm

Sometimes life can feel a bit unsettling. Whether it’s national or personal tragedy, take a few moments to enjoy these tracks to bring you calm from some incredible emerging artists in the neoclassical genre.

Monica Xiao – “Vivaldi Takes Five”
-This is a beautiful and really awe-inspiring composition. It takes elements of classical and jazz, mixing them for a deeply satisfying track. Just when it lulls you into relaxation, it takes some turns that will awaken your senses. It’s a stunning piece; please enjoy it. Stay til at least the 1:45 transition.

Schlindwein – “Apres Minuit”
-Schlindwein is an artist with provocative piano lines and a sound that demands the cinematic. It’s almost too big for a typical song description. The classical elements meet electronic adaptation for something that feels inherently grandiose. The physical gesture I think of is breaking through a wall. It has that sense of power and accomplishment in the lines of this captivating track.

Henrik Lindstrand – “Enghave Lys”
-The piano work and layers here is really impressive. Beyond that, there’s a hypnotic quality to the way the composition works. It brings a calm over the spirit, yet is evocative enough to keep you from going to sleep. I could listen to this for hours.

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