Rising Star: George Glew is an incredibly passionate songwriter

The reason most of you follow EarToTheGround is to find the next big thing in music. There are all sorts of playlists and tastemakers and ways to do that, but you read this site for OUR picks. Thanks for that! One of those rising stars we simply have to tell you about is a young man named George Glew.

Our first time hearing George Glew was this fabulous pop blues number called “Bury Me.” It has a superb classic vibe to it that will put you in mind of someone like John Fogerty. The heart of the thing is deep and genuine, prayerfully expressing concern for the lover he’s singing to. There are even some gospel undertones to the music that make each minor turn ever more satisfying. He’s begging the person to trust him… and when he gets to the chorus the singing turns to a heartfelt cry. You will feel it.

The second of Glew’s two public tracks is “Me and My Brother,” which carries a similar bluesy core to it. The vocal from Glew just makes you believe every lyric he sings. In some ways, he reminds me of another artist we featured this year in Sam Burchfield. It’s good to know that there’s music being made with real instruments and authentic vocals. While Glew uses some recording tricks and vocal effects, it all works for a more satisfying end result rather than gimmicks at the foundation.

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