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So we’re not sure about the whole hashtagging of #NewMusicFriday in the headline. We were doing that. Now maybe not? If any of our readers are SEO gurus, what say you? Anyways, you’re not here to talk about websites, you’re here to listen to good tunes. Click play on all ten and have a great day!

Lime Cordiale – “Can I Be Your Lover?”
-There are some questions that just feel natural. This track by Lime Cordiale skips the metaphor and nuance, just asking to be someone’s lover. It’s both pop and slick. It’s the kind of uptempo indie pop rock that should be why you read a trendy site like this. Play it at your next party and hope that one of your visitors say yes. 🙂

Patrick Joseph – “Waiting to Begin”
-Well if this isn’t the hookiest track you’ve heard all week, I’d be surprised. There’s a ton of energy here that makes the song really enjoyable. The vocal is on point and the backing vocals make the Wonders feel jealous. It’s a fun track perfect for watching the sun go down.

Sodoap – “Sugga”
-Well something must have been in the air for the week of submissions because this track is also about an… innate human desire. FOR SWEETS! That’s what this is about, right? Candy? Maybe baked goods. Anyways, it’s called “future funk” and it will make you want to dance. It’s a good time pop track that you should add to your party mix. People will eat it up! (See what I did there?)

Nick Wilson – “Miles Apart”
-We follow up a few feel good tracks with a contemplative indie singer songwriter track. Welcome to ETTG! But seriously, this thoughtful song from Nick Wilson immediately made it to my “song of the year” consideration list. The harmonies and overall production mix are outstanding. The song lulls you into a romantic story that feels equal parts inspiring and intriguing.

Skinny Living – “Let Me In”
-If you look up soul in the dictionary of music awesomeness, there’s a picture of Sam Cooke and right below him, there’s a little arrow that says “see also Skinny Living.” The vocal on this track will sit you right down. I mean… this is incredible music that will literally send chills up your spine. I am not sure if he has perfect pitch, but I’d wager a drink on it. This is a superb performance.

Lloyd Llewellyn – “Long Way Down”
-Slow the mechanism and really focus on this track. Lloyd Llewellyn has brought together different elements of powerful music here, from an intense atmospheric backing track, to an earnest lead vocal, and a perfectly-placed trumpet. The whole composition demands respect for the pure dynamic performance.

The Standard Affiliates – “Is it news to you?”
-Some super trendy blogs are afraid to cover older music, but this song is actually 2 years old and we’re covering it anyways. You know why? We like it. That’s pretty much the reason most everything shows up here. We like it. Not because it fits the PR roll out of someone else. (gasp!) Anyways, this is a great song that will get you moving. The pop punk flavor brings back memories of a bygone era.

Yellow Grass – “When the Storm Comes”
-A few years ago we had a Dutch cover of the iconic “Helplessly Hoping” by a band called the Postmen. Here is another Dutch track that might be called Americana. Dutchana? Netherlandana? Whatever you call it, this harmony-rich track will just melt the listener. The lyrics are pointed, too, about love during crisis. It’s a thoughtful and enjoyable throwback 70s pop rock track.

Brother Brother – “Novocaine”
-If you’re a fan of uptempo indie folk music, you’ll get a rise out of this Novocaine song. The guitar and vocal work are both outstanding. The band is really tight and you can almost feel the sweat flinging off of them. The energy of the performance, driven largely by some great percussion work, helps to push the song through with more power than most indie folk tracks. The sense of universal connection that comes through the song, despite it being ultimately kind of sad, really is powerful.

Weslynn – “Here to Stay”
-I just flat out like this song. There’s a wonderful harmonic impulse to it, but beyond that, it’s just fun. There’s not an easy comparison for the band or the sound, but it feels like a natural mix of pop country and mainstream pop the early 2000s. That said, the lyrics and chords have a dreamy optimism to them that keeps listeners coming back for more like ear candy.

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