Featuring two tracks from MAWD (Winner NMF Ep 57)

If you follow our site closely, you know we love great vocals and an uptempo style. It’s impossible to hear the band MAWD without drawing connections with a band like Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. It’s a fun, uptempo folk style that get us clapping and singing along.

The first track “Summer in Dream” is the song that won this feature. It’s a delicious summer song that really makes you want to hang out with your friends. Beach? Bonfire? Brews? Check, check, check. It’s full of spirit and energy. The harmonies really pop on this one, making me want to melt right into the music with the band.

The second song “Ukelele Song” has a different mood, but as a former horn player I absolutely love the subtle trumpet part that gives texture to the featured ukelele. The vocals are both soft in some parts and really soar later in the track. The whole experience is quite visceral, allowing the listener to again melt into the performance.

If you can’t tell, these are two tracks we find really enjoyable. We’re looking forward to hearing more from MAWD in the coming months. We’d love to check out a full album. Fans of uptempo folk pop music really need to give MAWD a spin.

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