Three Neoclassical Tracks to Get Maximum Chill

If you like to listen to neoclassical music while you work or play, these three artists will definitely make your list. Although this site mostly covers folk and rock, we’ve really enjoyed getting to know artists like these three.

Dirk Maassen – “Gravity”
-This song has a dynamic piano part that makes you feel all sorts of rises and falls in emotion. The way the tempo changes will make your body literally move in response. It might be something that you think you’ve heard before, but you haven’t. This is contemporary classical piano music at its finest.

Ramsey Ronalds – “Worn”
-Maybe the style of Ramsey Ronalds won’t be for everyone, but the lofi aesthetic of the piano and the endearing layers of electronic elements make for something truly unique. This is the kind of song that stops the listener in their tracks. Who is this? We ask. We want to know more about what we are hearing. It’s beautiful.

Sam Hall – “Losing It All”
-It’s impossible to hear this song without thinking the term “cinematic.” Hall’s writing is evocative, creating landscapes out of soundscapes. I can’t help but imagine a vast and open land, ripe for discovery. As someone who loves epic historical films, this track reminded me of many different iconic films. Beyond that, though, I can imagine myself studying or reading with Sam Hall in my earphones for years to come.

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