#NewMusicFriday – Episode 63 – Vote in the poll to decide who wins an artist feature!

If you’re like us, you’re constantly on the hunt for new music. The thing is, it doesn’t always “click” with what you like. But what if you had someone sifting through the majority of it to find the best? That would be great! That’s what we do. We curate a sound here at EarToTheGround and we think you’re really going to like the picks on this list. Vote is at the bottom. For bands in the contest: voting ends in one week (11:59 pm the following Thursday).

Fort Lean – “Face Down”
-The category of indie rock can have a dozen different sounds and connotations, but for us it usually has to have a nice clean melody with some engaging vocals. The raw, visceral rock ethos of this track makes it a standout in a genre that makes it tough to stand out. In other words, it’s raw in the way rock should be.

Erin and the Wildfire – “One Woman Show”
-Fans of Joss Stone and Grace Potter need to drop everything and listen to this track from Erin and the Wildfire. This is an uptempo new soul sound that will have you absolutely moving. The vocal soars with perfect precision. The groove and the horns all come together for a really kickass sound.

Motherhood – “Save Me”
-If you are a fan of pop ballads, give this track a spin. It almost exudes the 80s from the synth and the structure of the vocals. The lead is really strong and keeps the song on track. The lyrical content resonates surprisingly well, making for a total package of an enjoyable song.

Said the Whale – “Nothing Makes Me Happy”
-This is a killer track. There’s just no getting around the fact that this song is a banger. The nihilistic perspective on the lyrics resonate more than either of the editors would like to admit. That said, the pop goodness with the amazing vocals are exactly what we need right now. Does it feel right?

Alexa Rose – “Travelling Heart”
-Whether you call this folk or country music, it’s the genuine article. Alexa Rose has one of those mountain style voices that keep you coming back for more. Her sound reminds me of what I liked about Anna and Elizabeth when I first heard them. It’s real hill country music about wanderlust.

Shiners – “Just Got Paid”
-This is a really cool Brit rock track. I dig the beat as much as anything, but the whole package is there. I don’t necessarily have a good comparison, but the way the guitars, vocal, and keys blend together sounds like a synthesis of the past five decades. The energy is palpable. If these guys keep making hits like this, they will most definitely get paid.

Novo Amor and Ed Tullett – “Cavalry”
-The opening feels a little like Bon Iver, which is golden. That said the whole song is worthy of its own description and appreciation. Sometimes tracks with layers of sounds like this can feel too busy, but this one does a great job of developing cohesion. It’s a sweet, endearing track that rises with percussion into expressive, intimate vocals.

Leah Capelle – “Joshua”
-If pop singer songwriters are your thing, Leah Capelle is a good one to add to your rotation. Her lyrics have a lot more depth than the typical writer in her style. The song itself is full of energy and light, moving toward an inspiring desire to MOVE. The full sound seems primed for a full stage smoke-and-lights show.

The Franklin Electric – “Burning Flame”
-When you click play on this track, you will swear you’ve heard it before. You can’t place it, can you? Where have you heard this? You haven’t. I guarantee it. But it sounds familiar because it captures the soul of so much good music. It’s a bit of gospel and a bit of soul, but it’s just an incredible inferno. It’s about love and passion and a kind of incessant, delightful hope. This is a star track.

Elsie and the Vibe – “Stop”
-This is some hot soul music, keeping you moving while thinking about romance and those people that play games. It feels like a new version of the Motown sound. This Melbourne band sure now how to funk up some soul music. Go on with ya bad Aussie selves!

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