Relaxing Neoclassical Music

For folks not trained in classical music, it can be difficult to really understand everything happening in instrumental music. But neoclassical is an art that can be difficult to define. It’s often cinetmatic or atmospheric. The one consistent, for me, is that neoclassical music has to move me to emotions. These three tracks certainly do that.

Brad Couture – “Thermals”
-The adjective cinematic is perfect for Couture’s excellent track. It rises and falls with considerable emotion. Whether it’s the synth backing or the minimalist piano, the entire track works with a simple beauty. It’s easy to enjoy on repeat.

Gian Marco Castro – “Mislaid”
-Listen listen listen. It’s a carefully crafted melody that fills the listener with anticipation. Where will it go? Each iteration of the main melody of the track changes and develops as the song moves. I’m sure there’s a more technical term for these variations, but what I do know is that it awakens me. It helps me concentrate and feel more alive. The piano speaks, with the left and right hands sounding like they’re in conversation. The track is a delight.

Emmit Fenn – “Feather”
-Feathers are delicate, light, and interesting. Those end up being pretty good adjectives for this wonderous track from Emmit Fenn. The neoclassical rise and roll of the piano part feels every bit the “new age” style of someone like Nils Frahm. That said, the song stands on its own for its provocative and energizing melodic lines.

Photo credit: Post author Greg Jones, taken in Deep Creek, MD 2017

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