Two For Saturday: The 2 Best Tracks We Heard This week

Marsicans – “Too Good”

This Leeds act has a tight and fun indie sound we totally dig. The young lads have gained notoriety for their enthralling live shows as well as for opening for Catfish & The Bottlemen as well as playing Glastonbury. Their Absence EP is continuing to make fans out of strangers and are currently working on breaking out of the UK and into the ear buds of the rest of the world who will surely dig their infectious and genuine sound.

Flawes – “Blank Dice”

This is the second single off their EP due for a fall release on Red Bull Records. The soul of the jam accompanies just the right amount of instrumentation while lead vocalist Josh Carruthers shows his classic range. “The song is based on the concept of luck” commented Carruthers. “… with the idea that you ‘make your own luck’ and ‘the harder you work, the luckier you get’. A dice is the worldwide symbol for luck. When you strip a dice of all it’s numbers and roll it, nothing will happen because you make your own chances in life“. The three-piece already have a few EP’s under their belt and are expecting to explode on the new release. Their electro soul pop sound will win more than a few fans.

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