Smooth Soul for your Sunday

We try to explain to artists that we like classic soul. That is to say we want to find the kind of music that would make Sam Cooke smile. Soul is a genre and if you’re putting out music that doesn’t sound like Motown or Stax could spin it, we’re probably not interested. That said, let these three talented artists melt you on this hot summer day.

Sid Kingsley – “Good Way Home”
-The easy vocal comparison here is St Paul and the Broken Bones, but honestly anyone who knows their Muscle Shoals music scene could hear this style in a few others too. But Sid Kingsley’s style is all his own, dripping with authenticity. The production quality on this track is amazing. This is serious, radio-ready pop music that’s sure to find a mass appeal. Give me one good reason why a track like this shouldn’t crack the top 40. ONE. GOOD. REASON.

Nydge – “Won’t You Call Me”
-This is a really great song. The vocal doesn’t grip and soar like an Aretha Franklin song or anything, but the style is saucy in all the right ways. The harmonies are delicate, dancing right off your ears. But the sentiment of the song is pure love. It feels like a lost 60s track with a bit better production quality on it, but the feel of the whole thing is in that glorious middle ground where puppy love meets deep, sensual love.

Peter Manos – “In My Head”
-Soul music is the language of love and loss. It inhabits a lyrical and stylistic place between the blues and the night you spent together. This track updates the classic soul sound with a modern twist. There are some electronic elements, but they help to advance the cause not take away from it. Manos’s style reminds me a bit of Sam Smith obviously, but even a touch of what Ruth B brought to all of our ears last year. He’s special; don’t forget the name Peter Manos.

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