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One of the coolest things about running the NMF feature each week is seeing how different bands bring out their fans. You’re probably here because someone you love is in a band… and they sent you to vote. If that’s true and you’re actually reading this, kudos. We’d love if you stuck around and voted every week, not just for the band that referred you here. Stick around. We’re pretty chill.

Swimming Tapes – “Queens Parade”
-The lyrics are sometimes hard to follow, but the music is just so darn good that we find the infectious indie rock of Swimming Tapes to be infinitely listenable. You’ll find yourself bobbing along with the jam, thinking about the beach. It’s a glowing, beautiful sound.

Soldiers of a Wrong War – “Yeah!”
-If pop punk is your bag, give this a click. The track really rises and rolls along nicely. The video is distractingly good, but behind all of that madness is a really solid punk rock tune. The chord changes here are really interesting, busting up some punk conventions in favor of more of an alt rock “finish” on the flavor.

The Winter Gypsy – “Bojke”
-If you’re here in the US with us, this time of year makes it hard to envision winter anything, but the Winter Gypsy style is evocative and interesting. The reverb on the recorded vocal laying over a pleasantly rhythmic guitar works for a unique sound. I can guarantee you’ve never heard anything like this.

Alice Kristiansen – “Lost My Mind”
-It’s no company secret that we’ve had our eye on Alice Kristiansen for several years on her YouTube page. This single is a proper coming out party for an artist with the impressive 460k subscribers. Her vocal is stellar, her musical vision outstanding, and her total ownership of her brand and image are perfect. She doesn’t even NEED a label to make it work. She has built herself.

Dan Croll – “Bad Boy”
-Dan Croll’s music is upbeat and infectious. But let’s not call it pop, okay? Let’s call it… upbeat rock. Because gosh darn it this guy can write a hook. But it’s not pop music, okay? Putting me in mind of guys like Kyle Cox and even JD Eicher, Croll’s music makes me want to party. That’s not so bad, is it?

Illogical Time Concerns – “City 6”
-One of my favorite things about assembling these lists is that an artist like ITC can end up beside other artists with much bigger followings. If you’re basing this on merit, alone, though, you have to admit this song is right up there. The CSNY vibe is infectious and delightful. I am going to pull for ITC as an underdog here, because if he sticks with this music thing he won’t be an underdog for long. Natural talent exudes.

Ethica – “Ever Even”
-We know you come to ETTG for your weekly dose of Russian indie rock, so here it is. Ethica is an intriguing rock band that just bubbles over the surface with a sort of pop-meets-alt sound. It doesn’t soar or groan or moan, but it’s a cool sound that feels just right for our 21st century historical moment. Stick around for the guitars on the bridge; they’re bangin’.

Evan Moynihan – “Rolling Mill Hill”
-I let this song play all the way through before I could even write about it; I just love listening to it. I know that might sound trite on a music blog, but seriously Moynihan’s songwriting style is really pure. He’s got a natural ability and I’m really looking forward to hearing more from him. Maybe if he wins this we could set up an interview… would love to know his story!

Denim Gorgeous – “Nomad”
-If thoughtful, contemplative singer songwriters are your favs, you need to hear Denim Gorgeous. The layers of sounds here, mostly via guitar and subtle lead vox, come together for something that feels familiar and fresh. The understated melody swoons the listener into a poetic or even prayerful feeling. Listen carefully.

Tim Legend ft. Colin from the Mowglis – “Quicksand”
-We’re late to the party on this one. It’s already blowing wayyy up. That said get your electro groove on with this jam track. In fact, if we get a retweet from Tim Legend, it might crash our site. (Let’s test it, shall we?) Anyways, this one’s got a nice balance of chill (like Kid Cudi) blended with hype (like a house party). Dig it.

Deer Scout – “Sad Boy”
-We’ve covered Deer Scout before and love her. When it comes to a unique songwriting style, you can hear it here. Both the timbre of her voice and the way she writes her lines are truly special. It’s not always easy for a singer songwriter to sound original, but Deer Scout pulls it off. I can’t compare her to anyone, but I can say that I really enjoy the intricate lyrics and precise melody here. It feels whimsical, but if you listen you can hear a calculated emotionalism driving the song.

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