Harmony-Rich Folk Music from Pilgrims’ Dream and Found in the Flood

If you’re a fan of harmony-rich folk music, you’ve come to the right place. We try to feature some quality folk music at least once a week and today will not disappoint. There’s more where this came from, but if you happen to see this we’d love if you like/comment/and share this post with friends who also enjoy this music. Cheers!

Pilgrims’ Dream – “Ocean”
-I try not to bandy-about the term “love” when it comes to music, but I really do love this song. It puts me in mind of some really incredible harmonic music lately. If you’re a fan of the harmonies of Darlingside, Pilgrims’ Dream are in that same vein. The song feels more choral than conventional folk, but it really pops in all the right ways. I find myself coming back for more and can’t wait for a full album from them.

Found in the Flood – “When the World Burns”
-If you enjoy the balance of an acoustic guitar with a crystal clear, lovely female voice, listen to this track. Once the harmonies come in you can’t help but think of the Staves. It’s a heart-melding song that reminds me of Joy Williams of the Civil Wars in all the right ways. It’s an intimate song, so really take some care to listen. Maybe even shut your eyes. You won’t be disappointed.

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