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Violet Youth – “Reliable Sources”
-There’s something about the sound of this track that reminds me of the British indie scene. That said, there’s plenty of rich, raw energy here. There’s also some unique soaring keys that make the track stand out in the indie rock world. What it lacks in lyrical content, it makes up in atmospheric music. It’s an exceptional example of dream pop.

The Great Fraud – “Ya Ain’t Got Love”
-This is a raucous tune that you’re going to enjoy. Conjuring images of Frenchman Street, it’s a sound that is a lot of fun. Call it Americana or just rowdy folk music, it’s a really enjoyable track to listen to. It feels like a classic already.

Orchards – “Love Like Seasons”
-If you’re a fan of male-female folk duos (and we are), you’ll like this song a lot. The harmonies are really endearing. The song is hopelessly and beautifully romantic. You’ll find yourself saying “aw” with a touch of genuine softness in your heart. If you like Jenny and Tyler, spin this one.

Two Year Break – “The City”
-When I was coming of age as a music fan, I listened to a lot of bands at the intersection of pop punk and alt rock. It’s great to hear Two Year Break taking up that mantle, making new fresh music with that early 2000s vintage alt rock sound. I am getting flashbacks of the All American Rejects.

The National Parks – “Places”
-We covered The National Parks a while back (you know, before NPR – but it’s not a hipster contest we promise). We loved their harmonies and hook-laden sound back then. Well this track seems to be every bit as good if not even better. If you’re a fan of poppy, happy, folk music, you’ll love this band. Enjoy and clap along!

Dante Matas – “Every Other Conversation”
-If you like acoustic folk singer songwriters (and you should if you’re here), you’ll love Dante Matas. The picking is clean and delightful. The vocal, a tad reminiscent of Jeremiah Daly, has a subtle and gentle quality to it. The lyrics are complicated, but well delivered. The soft harmonies on this track dance perfectly with the eloquent string work. This is a stellar track deserving of considerable attention.

Young Earth – “Worth It”
-The note I initially made for this track was “Arctic Monkeys rock” and that rings true. The beat kicks right along with some outstanding vocal work. It’s complex and rewarding in an indie rock sort of way. It’s hard to explain to folks how indie rock should “stand out,” but this one does it. I already want this album for my summer!

Shawn Butzin – “What Did I Mean to You”
-Tom Petty fans finally have a new artist to love. I would love to know who Butzin’s influences are because I’d bet they are all soundly in the classic rock world. The style is really rewarding for those of us who cut our teeth on classic rock. It’s just soft enough to get you singing along, but just rock enough to keep it off the AM gold station. Fans of Eagles will hear some pretty familiar steel guitar, too. It’s a cool sound.

Copilot – “Spendin All My Money”
-Jilted lovers are a pretty common theme in American blues music and this track does not diverge from there. What I love about this song is that all parts are equally exceptional. The songwriting, phrasing, and all level of vocal are outstanding. It’s superb quality, easy to clap along, and a simple lyrical concept that will even get you to smile.

Mr. Byrd – “I’ll Never Let Go”
-If you like a contemplative pop singer songwriter style, you will love this track. There are layers of keys and an understated beautiful lead vocal. I can’t quite put my finger on who the lead sounds like, but it’s someone familiar. It’s an old, traditional style of pop music like the Ray Charles vintage of the mid 60s.

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