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When I use the term soundscapes, I’m referring to the beautiful textures of sound that conform to something that appears whole. Like looking onto an ocean horizon or up a majestic mountain, these songs do for our ears what landscapes do for our eyes.

Analogue Dear – “Obrecht”
-This is an incredible piece of music. It seems destined for something great like a film score. But it’s just so easy to listen to and enjoy all on its own. The layers of vocal blending softly over keys really makes it work.

Neon Insect – “Prelude”
-From the light and lofty strings to the deep and moving bass, this track from Neon Insect will inspire you. Feeling like something from an action film, the track grows with powerful energy that is, frankly, hard to describe. Some call it neoclassical, but this isn’t sweet new age piano music. It’s dynamic!

Juan Maria Solare – “Mote of Dust Suspended in a Sun Beam”
-Solare’s piano style is contemplative and moving. I can’t help but feel it as an expression of deep thought that also encourages deep thought. As I’m not classically trained I don’t understand how the runs work, but I do find them to be satisfying as they balance between minimal and complex. The pacing is perfect for a relaxing listen.

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