Two Need to Hear Folk Songs – I am the Cold Man and Fonao

Sometimes I wonder if it’s even worth writing anything about music. The music so often speaks so well for itself. That said, we sometimes need to make the introduction. Music fans, here’s something amazing. I am the Cold Man and Fonao, here are some wonderful fans. See… there, now we’ve met.

Fonao – “Would You Ever”
-It’s probably not Woody Guthrie folk music, but it still fits the bill. The sound is unique and layered, but expresses similiar sentiments with acoustic guitar as the lead instrument. The atmospheric and touching vocals define the sound of Fonao.

I am the Cold Man – “Little Bird”
-Unsurprisingly this track puts me in mind of Beatles’ “Blackbird.” The song really works well with the male female duo here. The sound is a bit like Jenny and Tyler, which is high praise. “Please don’t go,” the imploring lyric, is about as sweet as can be. It’s adorable, honestly.

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