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Here we are with another week of New Music Friday. But is it really “just another week?” No! He says, rhetorically, it’s not! We’re at EPISODE 50. Wowza. Who would have thought? A few weeks from now we’ll be celebrating a full year of this crazy contest. So should we do a retrospective? A little “best of” hype for all the kids? Who knows. That’s a declaration implying that NO ONE really knows. Anyways, here are the eligible candidates for this week’s intense contest:

I am the Cold Man – “Juniper”
-If folk harmonies are of interest to you, stop what you’re doing and listen to this track. Choral style harmonies and emotive lyrics, it’s a superbly impactful track. As I said on my personal social media, “chills every time.” That about sums up my attitude toward this track.

Neon Moon – “If I Knew”
-If the new model of country music grates on your nerves, you need something a bit more traditional. True to the roots of the genre, Neon Moon sing a flavor of country music that would have played in the honkytonks of the 60s. The lead vocal is strong and moves your heart. If you stick around for the bridge, some of the key changes will put a smile on your face for sure.

The Furious Seasons – “We All Belong”
-If you’re a fan of politically charged folk music, you really need to check out this song. As classic British folk music goes, this track fits right in the mold. The whimsical roll of the music allows the powerful lyrics to soar right through the airwaves. In short, this is an important song. Listen to it.

Coastal Club – “Shake You”
-The drum beat on this track makes your head bob as a Pavlovian response. The lead vocal on it is absolutely fantastic. I could listen to music like this all day. Seriously it’s one of my favorite pop rock finds in a really long time. The mocking lyric “you are a one hit wonder” about infatuation, the main theme of the track, deserves much more credit. Let’s make it go viral, shall we?

Old S Resort – “Melt Me Down”
-EarToTheGround Music is YOUR SOURCE for Norwegeian pop music. Right? 🙂 No, but seriously we’ve covered a few rad bands out of Norway recently and this is certainly one. A bit avant garde, but it works in its own quirky way. We’re happy to host an innovative track like this if it makes us think so critically about how a pop song fits together so intricately.

NATION – “Baltimore Rising”
-This is a powerful political track about the divisive events in Baltimore in 2015. The beat though… holy shit, dude. The beat on this track is enough to make a grown man break it on down. You can feel the pain in the lines here, but you also get the sense of the persistent resilience of the oppressed subjects in the track. They will rise. AND I WILL NOT OPPOSE THEM.

Midday Swim – “Hold on Tight”
-Arcade Fire indie rock seems to be a category around here. We get a tone of it and when it’s done well, like Midday Swim, we love to feature it. The driving rhythm works really well with balanced and careful vocals. There are appropriate harmonies that compliment the melody and highlight the meaning. It’s not pop punk, it’s just a nice relaxed indie rock vibe we can get on with real nice.

Dream Harlowe – “Moarte”
-This is a freaking creepy and unbelievably cool track. I can’t even express my appreciation for the beauty here. The harmonies remind me of Anna and Elizabeth. But the lead here sounds like Billie Holiday and I don’t make that comparison lightly. Fantastic. I can’t wait to hear more from them soon!

Cattle and Cane – “Paper Man”
-Harmonic acoustic guitar and superb vocals define the rapidly emerging act Cattle and Cane. My note describes them as “eloquent folk” and that seems to hold up after several listens. Putting me in mind of an act like Joey Ryan and Kenneth Pattengales Milk Carton Kids, this is an exceptionally deep and satisfying track. From the airy open articulation to the sweet melody, it’s a song that will leave you looking for more C&C.

Foreign Dog – “Don’t Back Down”
-Remember the first time you heard Father John Misty and you thought, “wow, this is going to be incredible” but it ended up being mostly just confusing and unsettling. Well, now rewind the tape and have it actually be how you hoped he would sound… acoustic and interesting, but a bit easier to follow and a little less… you know… trippy. Foreign Dog has that kind of Fleet Foxes root, but with a lot more of a Clem Snide finish in terms of overall sound. Give it a spin. Frequent fliers of our site will be following this one without a second thought.

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