Four Female Singer Songwriters on the Rise!

If you’re a fan of female vocals and heartwrenching songs, you really need to check out these four talented singer songwriters. A few of them have been featured here before. Do you know which two? If you tweet us which two we have featured before, we will send you lots of virtual high fives!

Rosie Carney – “Your Moon”
-Be prepared to melt your heart right where you are. Seriously I have such a hard time doing anything else while I listen to Rosie Carney’s incredible voice. She really has a gift for sounding intimate and engaging. She’s classic and feels brand new, exactly how I felt when I heard Leann Rimes bring Patsy Cline back to life.

Lucy and LaMer – “Honey Put Your Weapons Down”
-This is pop that beautifully balances the edge between energy and power. There’s a sense of connection that comes through the precise cutting vocals. The vocal harmonies and great lyric, “I just don’t think that love should be like war” makes the song. It’s full of truth.

Martha Bailey – “In My Image”
-Let’s not mince words here, if I was independently wealthy and could afford to produce an album, I would produce one with Martha Bailey. She has the uncanny ability to write a beautiful, unassuming melody. This is what acoustic singer songwriters need to be doing. Her vocal is pure, her lyrics poetic, and her entire sound is simply delightful.

Rebecca Raw – “Whisper Thin”
-We don’t usually get involved with Internet drama, but I want to say something clearly here. We accepted Rebecca Raw’s music because her voice is incredible. It wasn’t until clicking on the video seeing the YouTube comments that we learned she’s somehow “connected.” Well, let’s put it this way – whoever she’s connected to is not us. We just really, really like the music. If you love her voice as much as we do, consider giving her a “like” on YouTube to counteract the haters.

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