New Relaxing Neoclassical Music from Piotr Wiese and Surrogate Sibling

If you’re a fan of neoclassical music, you know it can be difficult to find emerging artists who can write the type of captivating music that brought you to the genre. It has to break new ground and really feel special. We think we have two of those for you here today:

Piotr Wiese – “You are”
-This contemplative piano style is deeply enriching. I find myself coming back to Wiese’s music for times of thoughtful work and writing. His phrasing allows for the right kind of air and space between each new development. It’s wonderful.

Surrogate Sibling – “V”
-Piano and violin dance in the moonlight. Okay so I’m sure they’re in a studio, but something about the romance of the phrasing here envisions this music in the moonlight. It’s a gorgeous layered feast of sound. I find that it fills me from the inside in a way that lyric-driven music just can’t do. Relax and enjoy.

Photo credit: Kori Rae

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