Sundays Are Rocks Day! – 4 Rock Gems to Pep Your Step

“Sundays Are Rocks Day! – 4 Rock Gems to Pep Your Step.”
By: Dayna Duncan

(…As in Rock and Roll…not Duane.) Sundays are reserved for the Lord and rock gods alike… so whoever you’re praying to, after your finished, turn your speakers up to 11, put on some comfy dancing shoes and rock out to these 4 rock gems. And maybe, JUST MAYBE, you’ll forget that tomorrow’s Monday. (And that I just wrote a run-on sentence.)

1. Walker Lukens – “Ain’t Got a Reason”
Right off the gate, this song made my toe tap and head bob! A good, full blues rock sound full of yummy guitar, vocals, and rhythm. A nice guitar solo before the last chorus makes this song full-bodied, like a nice aged wine. Ok, I don’t know much about wine…sorry…but I know a decent amount about music. Maybe let’s say it’s more like a deep, dark lager? I love dark beer…and I love this song. Walker Lukens is definitely one to look out for! Or if you’re in Texas, he’s in your backyard. Not literally. I mean, look him up and enjoy a darn good rock show, weirdos.

2. Wild Front – “Scrape”
Easily one of my favorite song submissions in a long time, this pop-rock tune is a genuine joy-fest. The popish bass/high-hat intro hooks you in and the guitar-driven chorus feeds your carnivorous delights. Boom. I like that sentence. And I DIG this song! On top of it all, the vocals are smooth and rich. We’re definitely going to see more from this UK based band! I’m saying it now, these dudes know how to layer interesting sounds, beats, rhythms, and even cross genre barriers like champs. Also, that outro? Come on…

3.Rock Bottom Risers – “Humble Beginnings”
Before you even listen to the music, how much do you love the band name? Cool names aside, this song is high-octane and pure unabashed rock from start to finish. There’s no time to waste when rock and roll is necessary to pick you up, folks! This song is so much fun and well performed. Great guitar solos, great vocals, nice pep in the step. And hey, you guys, I love YOU like a brother! In a totally normal, healthy, fan-capacity way.

4. Matt Heath – “I’ll Burn”
You want a hearty blues rock song that makes you think of The Black Keys or The White Stripes but you don’t want another band with a color in their name? Then, well…here you go. And I don’t want to discredit the artist as a knock-off because he TOTALLY isn’t. Matt Heath is the real deal. His vocals are earthy, gritty, but smooth at the same time? I don’t know if that makes sense, but I’m saying it anyways. With the delicious descending 1-2-3-4 chords and some syncopated percussion hits, this song is laced with intricacy and totally enjoyable. I’m definitely a new fan of Matt’s! Is that weird? Sorry if I made that weird.

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