Artist Spotlight: Alzara and Brother Spellbinder (Winners NMF Ep 41)

Alzara and Brother Spellbinder have a quaint folk sound. There are smoky tones that will keep you coming back for more. Here is a rundown of a handful of tracks that they have while we await their album release.

“Babel” is a song about language written with a flavor that invokes images of Bohemian or Gypsy life. The whole ethos of the band is that of the 60s counterculture. This track, complete with the flute and strings, is really soulfully satisfying. The invocation of the “Babel” image is intriguing as well. But seriously this track has an incredible flute solo and that might be the first time I’ve ever written that.

“Speed of Sound” is the track that won the band this review. It’s another Gypsy style track, putting you in mind of traveling troubadours. The star instrument on this one is apparently a harmonica. It sounds like a song that carefully addresses the Old World, full of its charms and challenges. “What is music but the speed of sound? We hear and sway. We dance and play.” Indeed.

This cover of the Rolling Stone’s “Wild Horses” is ethereal and even a bit haunting. The chord changes never felt so satisfying as they do here. The lead vocal lays over the strings with subtle satisfaction. It’s a nice reimagination of a classic rock song.

“Josephine” is a unique uke pop track. It’s a bit more stripped down than the other tracks we’ve addressed here. It really shows off the solo vocalist and a wonderfully versatile melody. It’s a picture of true artistry that encourages listeners to let it loose and really enjoy life.

This is an interesting, unconventional band for fans of innovative folk music. Their sound is one that we hope will continue to evolve over the years. We will definitely be listening for more of the unique melodies and instrumental flourishes that help to define Brother Spellbinder.

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