Eight Singer Songwriters for Your #MusicMonday Playlist

In an effort to bring you MORE MUSIC we’re going to try to roll out some more playlists? Do you like playlists? How do you use them? Shoot us a message on Twitter or Facebook if you’re a fan of the playlists that we put together. Would you like to see more playlists of a particular genre or style? Let us know! Without further ado, some tunes.

Max Subar – “Balcony”
-This beautiful acoustic track from Max Subar pulls at your heart for sure. The guitar lines are perfectly laid together, all providing a pillow-like base for some phenomenal vocals. Subar is one to watch in the emerging acoustic singer songwriter world.

Marc Scibilia – “Untamed”
-Marc Scibilia is basically a “friend of the program” at this point. We’ve covered him several times and are constantly blown away by his music. He’s really that “next level” good that keeps us coming back for more. This track is no different. You probably already know him, but if you don’t he’s for fans of Matthew Mayfield style singer songwriters.

Sawyer – “Next Time”
-If you’re a fan of pop duos like Lennon and Maisy, you really need to listen to Sawyer. Another act they remind me of is the Harmaleighs, another great harmony-driven pop act. The pop beat is endearing, but really the vocals steal the show on this. Enjoy this guilty pleasure track “Next Time.”

B Forrest – “On Your Own”
-This is an incredible track by B Forrest. There are some old fashioned Americana sounds here, but really it’s the tenacity of the vocal that wins it for me. There’s a real artistic instrumental style. I could picture this one being played on Frenchman Street; that’s about the highest compliment I have to give on it. Love it.

Nikhil D’Souza – “Still in Love”
-This is a great song by an artist who sounds a little like John Mayer to me. D’Souza’s singing is really high quality. But when you take the whole production together, you’ll hear a powerful pop sensibility. It’s pure romance, for sure.

Alex Fisher – “The Sailor’s Wife”
-Alex Fisher is a talented singer songwriter with an ear for the understated turn. His writing is the kind that makes me stop what I’m doing and listen extra close. When you listen to this track you’ll find yourself blocking out everything else in life. The easy comparison is Sufjan, but really Fisher’s making his own name for his brilliant acoustic music.

Jordan Merrick – “You Gotta Go”
-Jordan Merrick’s folk music is iconic. You gotta go before you can come home. I mean, right? It’s such a simple thought, but it really works well here. The guitar work on it is really stellar, too. I really like this song and the harmonics on the guitar are just one of the reasons why. The voice and lyrics work, too. It’s the whole package. I hope to hear him live some day.

Lauran Hibberd – “Favourite Shade of Blue”
-If you’re a fan of Laura Marling, you really need to give Lauran Hibberd a listen. The music is engaging. I really appreciate the crescendo at the beginning of the track that builds a tangible sense of excitement. The lyrics are sweet and are sure to put a smile on your face.

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