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Whether it’s a contemplative singer songwriter or a raucous rock band you’re after, we have a little for everyone in this list this week. We’re super stoked that you made your way to our site. Now that you’re here, could you kindly listen to the tracks and vote on your favorite? It would mean a lot to these thoughtful, passionate artists.

Sara Elvera – “The Way You’ve Changed”
-If a pop songstress with a powerful vocal style is of interest to you, Sara Elvera’s music is great. The song is relatable in the way that all pop music should be, accessible and romantic in a way. The best part of the recording, though, is Elvera’s vocal purity. Her voice is exceptional, making the song worth enjoying over and over.

Simon Baum – “Bridges”
-There’s such a genuine sense of beauty to Simon Baum’s songwriting, you just have to hear him. There’s a bit of Nick Drake to his style. But there’s also this really endearing sincerity to it. The song’s about building bridges and connecting humanity in community. What a delightful image. It would be a nice song for TV show or commercial spot, for sure.

Oldus Fawn – “Hurting for Someone”
-The empathy is strong with this one. The easy comparison here is some sort of fusion of Mumford and Sons with Bon Iver. Those are two pretty big names to drop, but it really is a unique sound. When all the faddish handy-clappy folk bands fade away, artful folk music like Oldus Fawn will remain. The lyrics drip like poetry, sincere in their sometimes-abstract dynamic.

Almighty American – “Bus Brakes”
-To give an indication how I feel about this track, I just tweeted it straight to Jason Isbell. Now I am not the publicist for this fella or anything, but gosh do I love what he’s doing. The imagery is somewhere between Isbell and Boxcar Willie (throwback reference!). That said, he’s as much the real deal as an Americana artist can get.

Happy Gilmore – “Bad Wine”
-This is a super chill rock song. It’s written like a contemplative poem. There’s an intimacy to it that I really enjoy. I could totally listen to a full album of tracks like this. I can feel my blood pressure dropping with the delightful combination of electric guitar and chill lead vox.

The Gallerys – “Imperfect Perception”
-I really hear The Who in The Gallerys. The guitar riffs are vintage and really great. It’s a nice refreshing sound in a rock scene that sometimes sounds pretty repetitive. The blues influence with some grungy tones makes for a sound that is exceptional. This is real rock n’ roll!

Tom Lockett – “If a Heavy Rain Should Fall”
-In a world with Brexit in the UK and a Trump presidency in the US, a Woody Guthrie-style folk singer is fitting. The message of the track is Guthrie-esque as well. It’s a beautifully endearing sound that will make you feel like you’re living in dire times… but you’ll also find a sense of hope, too.

Paris Youth Foundation – “Lost Cause”
-Do you feel the energy in this track? How could you not??? It’s a dynamic, powerful rock song that’ll get you ready to fight. It feels like a song with mobilization and hard work at its core. I’m not really sure what all is going on musically, but I definitely hear some power chords and some pop punk-influenced harmonies. I can dig it, for sure.

Lords of Liechtenstein – “Witches”
-This is a beautiful folk song and I want you all to fall in love with it as much as I have. It’s got this deceptively simple style about it, but really it’s a complex song. Even though LoL are from New Jersey, there’s a Brooklyn sensbility to the song overall. It’s a style of folk music that pulls me right in. I feel like a little kid sitting on a carpet square in front of a storyteller again.

MRYGLD – “All the Rage”
-This is an exciting rock song that has more going on than your ear can hear in one listen. Seriously the first time you’re just like whoa this is really great and dynamic. But then you listen again and you hear synths in places you didn’t think they could fit synths. It’s really a fascinating rock mashup, taking elements of 70s, 80s, and 90s rock and blending them into something fresh.

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